Socal VegFest Vendor Information

We are so pleased that you are joining us this year! Below you will find all the important information to make this year’s Socal VegFest a success. Please contact us if you have any questions: Laura: or Maryam:

Venue Address:
OC Fair & Event Center
88 Fair Dr
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Venue Directions:
● Exit 405 on Fairview
● Left on Arlington (East direction)
● Enter the OC Fair & Event Center at Gate 4



Friday Oct 19th is the official setup date.

We have about 200 vendors! Please follow these procedures for an easy flow.


Non Food Vendors: Friday Only

Food Vendors: Friday: Setup display, tent, and kitchen. Saturday: Setup food.

Food Trucks: Please arrive promptly at 7 am on SATURDAY.  

Day 1 Setup

Friday, October 19th, 12pm-6pm

Set up and Check-In Desk:


  • Please check the booth placement map for directions and your booth letter/number.
  • Indoor Vendor Setup: Rows J: 12pm-2pm
      • Indoors Vendor Setup: Rows F, G, H: 12pm-2pm
      • Indoor Vendors Setup: Rows C, D, E: 2pm – 4pm
      • Indoor Vendor Setup: Rows A, B, C: 4pm-6pm
    • All INDOOR vendors: Park in the Festival Lot and walk to the Costa Mesa Building – proceed to the CHECK-IN desk.  NO drive-in allowed for indoor buildings
    • A staff member will review vendor procedures with you & give you a vendor package.
    • Once checked-in, you will receive your assigned number of table(s) and chairs (please check for your set up time).  There is a CHECK-OUT desk for the table(s)/chairs that you signed up for in your paid application.


    • Please check the booth placement map for directions and for your booth letter/number.
      • Outdoor VIP Area, Sponsors + Rows K, N, P from 12pm-2pm
      • Outdoor VIP Area + Sponsors, Rows M and L: 2pm – 4pm
      • Outdoor VIP Area + Sponsors, Rows Q and R: 2pm – 4pm
      • Trucks set up on Saturday morning – 7am
    • There will be a ONE WAY driving system to get to your booth.
    • As you enter the one way system, a volunteer will check you in and give you a vendor package
    • A volunteer will direct you to your assigned area, where to park and unload

General Guidelines:

  • Food Vendors: DO NOT bring any food on Friday to set up at your booth unless you have previously bought food storage space with SCVF.
  • We will provide a refrigeration truck for prepackaged food items for an extra fee of $130/pallet size. Please contact us asap if this service is needed. Space is very Limited!
  • All Restaurant vendors are REQUIRED to provide two 5 dollar items.
  • Volunteers will be wearing orange-colored t-shirts with the “SoCal VegFest” logo. They will help guide you to the right location.
  • OUTDOOR vendors: You are responsible for providing your own canopy. You must use sandbags and/or concrete blocks to hold down the tent legs in case of wind.
  • ALL vehicles must be OFF the grounds by 7PM on Friday night. Please plan accordingly.

Day 2 Setup – (Food vendors only) / 1st day of FESTIVAL

Saturday October 20th, 7am-8am

  • Setup begins AT 7:00 A.M – Food trucks and restaurant vendors; please be prompt.
  • Bring Food/beverage for the day.
  • You must be fully setup for the health inspection by 9:00 A.M.  We have close to 110 food booths for inspection. It will be a very busy morning for health inspectors. IF you are not ready for the inspection by 9:00 am, the health inspector will not be able to circle back to approve your booth until all other booths that are ready are inspected first. Hence, you may not be able to open until after the festival starts. Please keep in mind, SoCal VegFest is NOT responsible for any tardiness.
  • Insulated Water Handwashing Stations: You will need to provide your own 5-gallon insulated container with warm water (~100 degrees) for hand-washing purposes ONLY. You must bring your own catch bucket, soap dispenser and paper towels. We will begin to fill up the igloos with hot water at 7:15 am.
  • OPEN FOOD VENDORS will have access to a 3 compartment sink – Provided by SCVF
  • If your booth is in rows N or P, you are on the dirt/grass outdoors, you must bring a fire-retardant tarp for your open food vendor booth space.
  • Electricity: If you have purchased electricity, please bring at least a 50ft-100ft extension cord. We do not provide extension cords.
  • Please familiarize yourself with Orange County Health Department requirements.
  • Please follow the health department checklist, otherwise, you will not be approved.
  • Remember that all food items need to be vegan! As a reminder: HONEY and BEESWAX are not vegan.

DO NOT BRING NON-VEGAN ITEMS. You will be removed from the festival without recourse. We take this very seriously.


  • There must be a 20ft fire lane clearance between the back of your booth (from prep tent) to the open flame cooking area.  
  • Open Flame Cooking vendors must have a K1 Fire Extinguisher.


  • Foodtruck/mobile carts on concrete area MUST use tarp underneath.

~~~~ BOOTHS & BANNERS ~~~~~

  • Each FOOD Booth must have your company name, booth number, address of your food facility and food symbols (common food allergens) written and displayed on your booth and be at least 3 inches tall in font. Banners are recommended.
    Indoor food vendors – you can write out these info on a posterboard.
    *Please note: SCVF does not provide Banners.
  • You must bring your own food pictures, banners and signs. All signs/pictures should be large enough to be visible from a distance of 15+ft away.
  • You will receive a small food allergen poster, displaying common food allergy ingredients in your food/samples based upon the information provided by you on your application. Outdoor vendors: Affix this poster to the right side of your tent, pole or food truck. Indoor vendors: Affix this poster to the right side of your table.
  • Be prepared to show a full ingredients list for your attendees. SCVF DOES NOT PROVIDE THIS.  
  • FOOD Vendors: Your menus (food allergen forms that you have submitted) will also be displayed at our INFO Booths to help the attendees get to you.


You can leave your setup overnight. We have overnight security on-site Friday and Saturday. The outdoor space is fenced off, and the indoor space will be locked. SCVF is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Teardown: 6:00-8:00 P.M on Sunday.

  • Please clean up your booth area before you exit the premises.
  • Restaurant Vendors: Please turn in your Food Vouchers at the VegFest Office.  You will be reimbursed within 15 days of the festival.
  • Please don’t take our SCVF stuff. Leave all the leased/borrowed equipment/products that belong to SCVF or you will be charged for items removed.  


Dear Food Vendors:

In an effort to go green, we are banning plastic products unless they are a PET 1 or 2.

NO styrofoams allowed!

Any other number or even no number will result in contamination of our recycling efforts.

All food waste and paper products can be composted.

Please avoid using any extras such as napkins and plastic straws if you can help it.

Please download the other document “2018 Zero-Waste” on what eco-friendly products that you can get from Costco, Smart & Final, Trader Joes, Sprouts, and Amazon for the.

Thank you for making SoCal VegFest 2018 happen!  

We appreciate your cooperation and involvement very much!

Thank you,