MINK founder & designer, Rebecca Mink leads the fashion industry toward sustainable production. California native, Rebecca Mink, devotes her career and life to preserving the
planet & the humane treatment of animals.

Founded by Rebecca Mink, MINK shoes is the first luxury & custom-designed vegan shoe line. Prior to the creation of MINK shoes, Rebecca`s 35yr fashion involvement evolution includes;
Model, Celebrity Stylist, Couture Shoe Designer. As a lifelong animal advocate Rebecca saw a lack of luxury vegan shoes. She envisioned, designed, and pioneered a more sustainable
alternative. After many years of forming relationships with skilled shoe artisans of Italy, MINK luxe vegan leather shoes by Rebecca Mink was born!

Rebecca continues her mission to shift the paradigm of how society views faux-leather & faux-fur. Effortlessly alluring and genuinely vivacious, Rebecca Mink, is among the new breed of
young designers who lead the fashion industry into an era of environmental responsibility without sacrificing style and creativity. MINK shoes by Rebecca Mink has designed footwear for the next
generations who know glamour and a respect for the environment can walk side-by-side.


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October 4, 2019

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