Karen La Cava - Vegan Realtor


Karen has been a “foodie” since childhood. Growing up in NY surrounded by  exotic restaurants had a huge impact. She always loved creating new flavor  combos from a young age, and always gravitated towards non-meat involved  foods. So much, that she stopped eating all meat around 1985, and then became  a full on vegan in 1990.  

Karen has worked in the catering & restaurant industries since 1984, and  continues to work catering when her real estate career allows it. The catering  company is owned and run by her Uncle Scot. He has taught her a lot about  presentation, food prep, and more throughout the years. Karen has run with it,  moving into creating with her own flavor palates & style. She has hosted &  created lots of gatherings on her own, mainly for non profits, her friends’ parties,  her real estate business, and her own social events. Some events include the  Defend the Ballona Wetlands fundraiser, a couple of UnchainedTV fundraisers,  and various Venice Art Crawl mixers. 

Recently, Karen’s friend and founder of the non-profit, animal & environmental  rights live streaming app called UnchainedTV (Jane Velez-Mitchell), convinced her  to do some cooking segments , naming it “Cook Out”. And, here we are…..