Jonathan Ohayon is a designer and animal right activist.

He is the Co-Founder (with his Dad and Brother) of Arsayo Paris brand, a Vegan City backpack with a secure closure. They won 2 gold Medal for best invention in France and Europe and the medal of French ministry at the “Lepine” contest.

Arsayo’s backpack is made ethically in Portugal with Cork, a very sustainable material.
Jonathan decided to create the F.A.K.E. Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment).
F.A.K.E. is creating different platforms to promote designers that created Vegan Fashion Ethically made (Pop up stores, screenings, Museum & more..)
After the success of F.A.K.E. Pop up, Jonathan created the F.A.K.E. Museum (The very first Vegan Fashion Museum) to educate people on the impact of the fashion industry and the solutions you can find in Art and Fashion.

The F.A.K.E. Museum had a huge impact with many magazine (VegNews, PlantBased News, California Apparel News, Fashion United, Raise Vegan, VegOut, Vegmag, Jane Unchained etc..) from around the world (USA, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Chile & more..)
Beside all this work, Jonathan is doing every week many activities for the animals such as Pig vigils, cube of truth etc..


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October 4, 2019

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