Jenny, an esteemed professor specializing in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA. With over 30 years of unwavering commitment to a vegan lifestyle, Jenny perceives her plant-based diet as a daily canvas for aligning choices with her deeply-held values. She ardently believes that our dietary decisions wield significant influence – on our well-being, the welfare of animals, and the harmonious sustainability of our environment.

Her research intricately delves into the dynamics of pollution within the environment, particularly focusing on its fate and transportation. Recently, her laboratory has been dedicated to scrutinizing antibiotic resistance genes found in air, water, and soil. Through her dual role of conducting research and teaching at UCLA, she has meticulously computed the carbon footprint and land usage tied to diverse dietary patterns. This analytical insight has been seamlessly woven into the recipes shared here, enabling a clear comparative view of each meal's greenhouse gas emissions and resource efficiency against less eco-conscious alternatives.

Amidst her academic commitments, Jenny also embraces the role of a devoted mother. She prioritizes quick-to-assemble meals, customizable for selective eaters, and adeptly packed in thermoses for a nourishing lunch the following day.

My websites are: (my research group at UCLA) (unfortunately I haven't been updating this one!)


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August 29, 2023