Gregory Cheadle

Gregory Cheadle is a PhD candidate studying Social Policy and Social Research at Loma Linda University, complemented by a JD and an MPA. As an ER volunteer for 19 years, with one year at Loma Linda Medical Center and 18 years at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, California, Gregory possesses invaluable firsthand knowledge of the healthcare system's inner workings.

Throughout his journey, Gregory's passion has always been health and healthcare advocacy. His extensive experience has instilled in him a profound understanding of the importance of prevention and wellness in creating a healthier society. In his eyes, prevention, not medication, holds the key to health and longevity.

Initially pursuing a career as a pediatrician, Gregory's life took a transformative turn when his 20-month-old son was diagnosed with cancer. This "Divine detour" led him to study law, resulting in the acquisition of his JD, shaping his path towards advocacy and social change.

Determined to "make the world a better place," Gregory is currently in the final year of his PhD program at Loma Linda University. His ongoing research and studies have enabled him to share valuable insights and evidence-based research in his extensive lectures on crucial topics such as diet and disease, the environmental impact of modern agriculture, and healthcare.

In addition to his diverse academic background, Gregory holds an undergraduate degree in psychology, with a specialization in physiological psychology and pre med studies, further showcasing his dedication to understanding the intricate interplay of human health and behavior.

Gregory Cheadle's journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to positively impacting society through health advocacy and research. As he continues to expand his knowledge and expertise, he remains an inspiring force for change in the field of healthcare and beyond.

Information from written contract:

Milk production and its environmental impact; greenhouse gas emissions; land use and deforestation; water consumption and pollution-negative impact on aquatic ecosystems; energy intensity; water generation-manure, urine discarded milk; impact on wildlife and biodiversity; transportation and distribution

Author of “MILK MADNESS”

PHD candidate:  intersection of environmental policies and public health;

Juris Doctor (JD):  Legal framework that support sustainability initiative;

Master of Public Admin (MPA):  Comprehensive understanding of public policy and administration


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August 29, 2023