A Southern Chef at heart, Chris’s vegan journey began when he discovered making beautiful baked goods and succulent meals could be achieved without harming animals. Chris’s menus range from dessert spreads of perfectly balanced buttercreams slathered atop delicate sponge, the most perfect cookies and countless flaky pastries. His savory side will make the purest of meat eaters change their ways when dining on one of his Six-Course Plant-Based meals! He uses the best quality, locally sourced ingredients like farmers market produce and only the freshest spices available. He spends much of his time creating and testing recipes for his private clients.

    When Chris isn’t in the kitchen, he can be found inspiring other chefs with his curated content through his digital platforms and on-camera appearances. In fact, he can be seen on the judging panel of Peeled, the first all vegan culinary cooking competition show streaming now. Chris has appeared on countless daytime programs such as Inside Edition, California Live, and ABC's "On The Red Carpet." He continues to advocate small dietary changes through other LIVE segments with Tastemade, Amazon and Pinterest while demoing his plant-based craft. He was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for Pride Month and recently provided Vegan Desserts for Elton John’s Oscar Party for the third year in a row. He also did the Vegan Desserts for Steven Tyler’s Grammy party, which was a fundraiser for Janie’s Fund.

    Chris was recently the head of culinary for The Hollywood Climate Summit which is a four-day event in Los Angeles that merges climate activists and the world of Hollywood. As a private chef in Los Angeles, Chris believes he can influence people to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily diets by showing them how simple and delicious it can be.  With charity at his core, Chris is constantly parting with places like PETA and The Humane League while continuing to look for other ways to join forces with local and national organizations to bring a smile and resources to people, communities and causes in need.


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August 29, 2023