Andy Mars

Dr. Andy Mars is an expert in raising veg kids and an expert in raising kids in general. He is a Ph.D. in Education who is highly sought after for parenting education sessions, teacher training seminars,
and helping children directly. He has been a leader of the vegan world for decades. He is in his 35th year of being vegan and was a sponsored semi-pro soccer player after whom the first ever
vegan professional soccer cleats were named decades ago. He has served on the Board of Trustees of The American Vegan Society since 1986, was a founding member of PCRM as well as
Earthsave, started a vegan synagogue in 1990, has been directing the Kids Make A Difference Foundation and the Veg Kids organization since 1992, has been running vegan summer camps for kids since 1993, and started a totally vegan school in 2000. Dr. Mars is a compassionate and committed community activist and is an energetic and captivating educator and speaker for children and adults alike. []

Talk Title: The World Needs More... - Empowering Us to Become More Effective Vegans




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September 10, 2018

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