GOT THAT SWING! is a SoCal band that brings much more to events than live Swing music!

Front man/band leader Alec Marken and his crew like to put on a full show, whether at a guest appearance, a dance hall, festivals, private events, or his self produced show, the Bee’s Knees Speakeasy & Swing Dance.

Band members hail from OC and Hollywood, deeply experienced, with resumes including national and international touring for some, and many years of study and performance in music and dance for others.

Alec works as an actor, dancer, musician, singer, choreographer, Ballroom instructor, and show producer.

Grace Fae is a quadruple threat…a magnificent singer, dancer, actress, musician, and she teaches voice, as well as performing on stage and film, with various projects.

Marcus Hackley was a member of Deep Stirrings, Alec’s Folkrock band, and became a founding member of GOT THAT SWING!, where he keeps the crazy jazz chords going, sings, and occasionally shows off his phenomenal lead guitar skills, with which he’s spent most of his life wowing audiences.

Brandon Hill started drumming as a kid, playing jazz in high school.  After years of friendship with Alec, he was the clear choice for the drummer and a founding member of the band.

Adrian Tapia has long been in high demand, having toured the world and recorded with huge artists, a rare talent indeed.  The band is ecstatic every time Adrian is available to perform with them.

Jason Brown, having toured nationally with major names, is a world class bassist AND luthier, keeping the basses of fellow giant talents in top shape.  He has played shows with the band for a few years now, and they love having him on stage!

Band leader Alec Marken has been vegan since 2001, and vegetarian for years before that.  He loves mixing arts with activism/raising awareness, and has performed in various capacities for many causes, campaigns, and charities, over many years.  After attending SoCal Vegfest in previous years as a vegan enthusiast, he’s delighted to bring his Swing band to join the festival!  Alec has produced 13 charity oriented shows called Bands And Bellies Peace Concerts, featuring bands, Belly dancers, various charities, and vegan food.

A big animal lover, he and his girlfriend/dance partner Sarah Aisha are raising three adorable kitties, found at DREAM Animal Rescue.

When you see GOT THAT SWING! in action, they sincerely hope to get you singing and dancing.  They love celebrating the music of the 1930’s and 40’s, as well as a few tunes from later decades, including some very dance-able blues and Swing tunes, and even a few pop songs rearranged to be loungey/Swinging.

Please follow GOT THAT SWING! on social media, and find them at events around SoCal!


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September 25, 2018

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